South of the Border

Anyone who has traveled I-95 between North Carolina and South Carolina knows about South of the Border.

The signs begin hundreds of miles before, taunting you with things like Kid’s Rule!, South of the Border and ┬íCaliente!, South of the Border.

It’s a true remnant of a bygone era. A photographers paradise.

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    Oh man … I’m not sure what’s better, the billboards or the place itself. Definitely legendary. Looks like you got some great shots!

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    It was the first time that I had ever stopped after all those years of traveling up and down I-95. I think I enjoyed it more now, as a photographer, than I ever would have as a teenager.

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    I hear you, Rachel. There are tons of places in my teenaged years that I wish I could get back to with a photographer’s eye! I think it makes me want to photograph just about everything now ~ because, I don’t want to wish I had taken the picture.

    Love the aligator with a stick of dynamite! The food is so caliente your mouth will blow up? Ha, ha. Cheers~

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